Zoom 5.2.45120.0906 Update Comes With Bug Fixes

The spread of the COVID-19 pandemic during the first months of the year forced a lot of people to work from home, encouraging the use of online meeting services to remain in touch with coworkers, families, and friends.

Zoom is an excellent cross-platform communication app that can be used by users of all ages without the need to watch or read tutorials in advance. Starting a new meeting is as simple as downloading the app, creating an account, and inviting up to 100 people to talk with you via voice or video calls and text chat.


Zoom is present across a wide selection of platforms and works great on smartphones, allowing users to join a meeting from anywhere as long as they have access to a reliable mobile data or Wi-Fi internet connection, which is a great boon for those who work from home or need to commute or travel from time to time.

A top-class data transmission system will ensure that users enjoy crystal-clear audio or video quality at all times. It is easy to join a meeting by taping on the invite link or entering the required information within the app.

Excellent productivity features

Work together with coworkers as you can share your screen to make a presentation and annotate shared content fast and easy. Those who run the app on an Android tablet also have the option to run a whiteboard feature, which is great for quick meetings.

The app is also a solid choice for performing individual calls with the help of a dedicated business number, with voicemail and call recording features being available. Call delegation will allow users to accept calls on behalf of other users, and a smart system will answer and route calls automatically for enhanced efficiency.

The latest version of the app, 5.2.45120.0906, comes with new bug fixes that enhance the user experience.

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