Xiaomi Patents A “Twisting Camera” Smartphone

Xiaomi is highly renowned for its cutting-edge technology provided by their smartphones. Starting with Redmi Note 7 Pro being the first device to be equipped with a 48MP dual-camera and continuing with the Mi Note 10 and the introduction of 108MP Penta-lens setup, Xiaomi does not cease to amaze its users.

In addition to the state-of-the-art features, the company provides devices for an excellent quality-price ratio. The upcoming plans of Xiaomi are aiming to create an impressive appearance for their devices.

91 Mobiles have recently reported one of the latest plans for the company. They stated that Xiaomi is currently working on a brand-new design patent for their devices, which has nothing similar to its previous models. The smartphone brand has recently filed a patent for a twisting camera module with the China Intellectual Property Administrations.

The ‘twisting camera’ smartphone patented by Xiaomi

The concept of the upcoming project features a small portion of the display that will be able to rotate horizontally. The technology uses a type of hinge mechanism, allowing the show to twist backward.

The design implements that the cameras will be able to take both selfies and typical landscapes or portraits pictures. Therefore, the concept suggests that the company is likely to adopt a full-screen view while combining the selfie camera with the backside setup.

This initiative is proposing a unique design for the users. Indeed, we have seen flip camera smartphones, but this time the rotating camera design will move the entire display. Xiaomi’s idea is quite impressive, and up until now, it looks fascinating on the paper, even if we have no idea of how it could be achieved in real life.

Taking into consideration the foldable smartphone design which is still under development, we will not see this device on the market any time soon. However, it is an improvement for Xiaomi, which is now trying to develop its own unique smartphone designs.

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