Xbox Series X Price and Availability Could be Announced Soon

The Xbox One is a great console, but the higher launch price and lack of an impressive selection of exclusives favored the rise of the PS4.

Microsoft has been working hard on the Xbox Series X, which promises a superb gaming experience and a wealth of new features that will make it a great choice and a great adversary for the hotly-anticipated PS5.

While Microsoft praised the prowess of the upcoming device, details like the release date and number of available units have remained a mystery for now, but this may change soon.

The pre-order page is live

Eagle-eyed internet users have spotted a new entry on the official Microsoft website. There is now a pre-order page for the Xbox Series X, which lists the device among some images and details about the specifications and capabilities of the upcoming console.

For now, the device is listed as unavailable, with what should be the buy button sporting a Coming Soon message. A brief intro also notes the fact that the device will be available during the holiday 2020 season, which is one of the most popular timeframes for new hardware releases.

A major step for Xbox

According to Microsoft, the Xbox Series X has been redesigned from the ground up, blending hardware and software to usher in massive improvements for console gaming. Known as the Xbox Velocity Architecture, the new setup involves the use of a high-quality SSD solution, a custom CPU and GPU, and high-performance software to deliver a remarkable experience.

The console will offer one 1TB of fast internal storage, and owners will have the option to expand it with the help of a 1TB card that can be inserted into a custom storage expansion port. This approach will ensure that the expanded space remains fast, something that could’t achieved with the help of conventional external hard drives.

More information could surface soon.

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