Xbox Series X Has an Official Slogan

We can officially say that the final countdown for the Xbox Series X started. We are feeling that all the rumors, leaks, and official content from last year are getting rapidly to a conclusion. The news is coming now straight from Microsoft, about the official Xbox Series X slogan.

2020 will be a tough year regarding the consoles market, because of the dispute between Microsoft and Sony. Both companies are releasing a new console, with significant improvements and features, so the conclusion will be drawn by the players.

The Xbox Series X Official Slogan

The trademark phrase for the new Xbox Series X will be “Power Your Dreams. The company used this slogan last month at the official revealing of the console system. However, we would hear it a lot often starting from now until the company will release a new console, and maybe it will come with another slogan.

If you look at Microsoft’s slogan, it’s quite catchy and valid. The new console will come with an advanced system, improvements, and features, so the slogan fits well. Besides this, the kind of games that will be released for the new console will be according to the technology we have right now, a technique that evolved rapidly in the last years.

So because of this vast and fast evolution, Microsoft has to take the lead in the console’s market. If we look back at the Xbox One, we know that the company didn’t start quite well, and Sony was the company that led the market.

The Bottom Line

To sum up, Microsoft needs to be active in the battle with its adversary Sony, so the steps the company is making should be calculated and sure. Another adversary of Microsoft is Nintendo, even if right now, we see the two companies in a close association. We have rumors that Nintendo will release a new version of their console so that the completion could be more difficult this time.

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