Xbox Lockhart Could Exist, But It Won’t Be Released

Xbox Lockhart has been a heated topic in the gaming community for a long time since the first rumors surfaced a few weeks ago. Some argued that it would be a less-powerful version of the Xbox Series X, which could offer the opportunity to play next-generation titles at lower resolution and framerates in comparison to the mainline model.

Microsoft hasn’t stated anything related to the subject, avoiding it completely. This strategy has encouraged some people t to argue that the project is developed as an experiment, and the Redmond giant may avoid any official announcements until something definite can be shown.

New sign

A new series of discussions have been sparked after eagle-eyed internet users observed references related to Xbox Lockhart in a few Windows 10 code libraries. Five references within the Windows 10 code mention Xbox Lockhart, with the Xbox Series X, also being present under the Xbox Anaconda codename.

The Xbox One S All-Digital Edition was quite popular among gamers who prefer to have a digital catalog of games without the need to worry about damaging the discs and losing access to their title.

Xbox Series S? Unlikely.

Despite the expectations of some enthusiastic fans, it is unlikely that Microsoft will release two next-generation consoles at the same time. A simultaneous release wouldn’t make sense from several points of view, with the major one being the fragmentation of the player base. People bought the PS4 Pro and the Xbox One X because some titles would look and run better on them.

Releasing an underpowered version of your mainline model is counter-intuitive, especially since Microsoft placed a lot of emphasis on the fact that the Xbox Series X will be the most powerful console on the market. It is also unlikely that Lockhart could be sold at a price that would attract consumers when sources expect that the PS5 will be more affordable than the Xbox Series X.

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