World of Tanks Blitz Update 7.0.0 Brings Anniversary Event And Other Boons

World of Tanks is one of the older multiplayer video games, but it remains a hit among millions of people across the world. The popular freemium title allows layers to pick their favorite tank and battle against other players.

Players will win the match if they destroy all of the enemy tanks or by capturing the opposing base. An awesome version of the game is available for mobile platforms in the form of the World of Tank Blitz.

Choose your favorite tank

The game offers access to a collection of more than 350 tanks divided into several categories. Choose from historically accurate models, experimental designs that didn’t see the light of day or special models from alternate realities.  Travel across the battlefield in a metal behemoth and hunt down your enemies.

Over 25 maps are available, each with a different landscape and its signature features.  Enter the unforgiving Black Goldville desert map, navigate the elusive paths of the Canal, hunt your enemies across Copperfield, and endure the cruel winter in Dead Rail, to name just a few. Master all the maps to pave your way towards victory.

A wealth of content

Besides the standard modes, players also have the chance to join exciting in-game events that are available for a limited time. Become an invisible predator in Mad Games, encounter difficult conditions in Realistic Battles or try modes which are just for fun. They also offer generous rewards and a large amount of entertainment.

Harness an excellent progression system that allows you to upgrade your fierce machines from Tier I to Tier X. Unlock powerful weapons, gain access to advanced camouflage, and customize the vehicles to fit your style.

The excellent graphics offer a beautiful experience without compromising performance. Create platoons to battle as teams or join one of the popular clans.

The 7.0.0 update comes with an awesome anniversary event, new realism features, and three new tanks.

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