WordPress 15.8-rc-2 Update Brings Improvements For The Reader Feature

Blogs remain quite popular among internet users since they offer the chance to learn more about interesting topics in a fun way. Writing content for a blog can appear to be a daunting experience at first, but the right tools can make a great difference.

With WordPress for Android, users gain access to a fully-featured web-publishing instrument that can be accessed on their smartphones at all times. Harness a vast collection of powerful tools that can be put to good work to create awesome content while on the go,

Spark of imagination

WordPress for Android blends the functionalities of a comprehensive website builder and a blog creator in one convenient package. Choose your favorite theme from a  large collection and add your favorite content in the form of texts, photos, and videos with the help of a fast and intuitive user interface.

New creators will enjoy Quick Start tips, which offer valuable information as you tackle the basic aspects of creating a new website, which is great as it allows users the need to use lengthy tutorials. It is easy to see how popular your site is by accessing the Stats section.

Excellent features

The dedicated Reader feature offers the option to interact with the WordPress community in a fun and interactive way. Use tags to explore topics of interest, join author organizations, and follow content creators who match your taste or needs.

With the help of an automated sharing feature, there is no need to worry about SEO as your posts will be advertised on popular social media networks and other websites automatically. There is also the option to add social sharing buttons to your websites so fans can share your content with their friends without problems.

The latest update for the app, 15.8-rc-2, comes with a new Discover tab for the Reader section as well as Block Editor improvements.


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