Windows 10 Update v2004 Provokes Browser Problems, But Still Fixes Some Problems

The newest Windows 10 Update is October 2020 or 20H2, but the v2004 (20H1) update makes the Google Chrome web browser to malfunction on some machines. However, there is a fix that addresses the peculiar behavior of the web browser.

The solution isn’t coming from Microsoft, though it is confirmed as functional by a few users who experienced Chrome’s problem after updating their computers.

After updating to the May 2020 update, some Google Chrome browser users noticed their Sync stopped randomly, and the cookies were automatically removed with each reboot. After getting the complaints, Google tried to work with Microsoft and address the problem, but the two could not put together a solution.

However, a user came to help with a solution he found.

The Solution

According to the user, a scheduled task known as “S4U” is why Google Chrome misbehaves. For the moment, users who are suffering from “Sync not working” or the deleting cookies problem must follow a set of steps to solve the problem.

Here is what Microsoft had to say about the problem:

“Task_Logon_S4U takes advantage of service for user (s4U) logon to run the task on behalf of the specified user, but without having to store password. Since the Task Scheduler runs within the local system account, it can create an s4U login session and receive a token that can not only be used for identification, but also for impersonation on the local computer. Normally, an s4U token is only good for identification”.

Here is the sollution proposed by Twitter user @ericlaw:

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