Windows 10 October 2020 Update Brings New Features And Bugs

After months of hard work, Microsoft has started to release the October 2020 update. It’s not as big as other updates for the popular OS, but it does come with a selection of new features that will make life better for users.

Overhauled Start Menu

The user interface has been the source of many debates among Windows 10 users, and Microsoft has revamped the notification system and the Start Menu. Both look cleaner thanks to a minimalist approach and the removal of unnecessary color accents.

Optimizations for 2-in-1 devices

Users who enjoy a 2-in-1 device will be happy to learn that Windows will no longer ask you to decide if you want to activate the tablet mode. The desktop experience has been optimized for touch controls, as it is easier to navigate around or access the touch keyboard.

Easier setup for new PCs

Those who purchase a PC, which comes with October 2020 preinstalled, will experience an enhanced setup process as the desktop will be customized according to features tied to the Microsoft Account. Programs and features associated with the account will be pinned automatically for quick access.

Change the refresh rate in an intuitive way

PC owners who use a high-end display will have the option to adjust the refresh rate of the panel from the Windows 10 Settings App. This is a great change since the setting used to be buried into a legacy version of the Control Panel.

New Edge Browser

The transition to Chromium seemed like a daring choice at first, but the latest version of Microsoft Edge is quite impressive, as it comes with superior performance, new features, and ALT+TAB integration, allowing users to check the latest updates quickly while swapping active apps.

As always, there are some bugs. Devices that run Conexant or Synaptics audio drivers could run into Blue Screen or other errors. Users of Microsoft IME for  Japanese or Chinese might also face errors.

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