WhatsApp Update Beta Adds New Animated Stickers

Messaging apps have become quite popular in recent years as the number of smartphone owners continues to grow at a rapid pace, and affordable devices are released in a large number of countries.

While several messaging apps can be found on the market, WhatsApp remains the most popular choice at a global level, with more than two billion registered user accounts and hundreds of active users every month. The popular app comes with a wealth of features that have contributed to its fame.

Completely free

There is no need to worry about additional costs as the app is completely free. It works by using an active Wi-Fi or data connection to send and receive calls and messages. A new account can be created in a few minutes as all the user needs to do to install the app, launch it, and confirm a security code which is sent when they provide their phone number.

Text messages are fun, but some things have to be shared via calls. Enjoy excellent audio and video calls with crystal-clear audio and video quality. Talk with a friend or create a group call to share the latest news without the need to worry about your voice plan.

Additional features

WhatsApp can also be used to share a variety of files with friends and family. With a few taps, you can send photos, songs, videos, documents, and a large number of other files. Create group chats to bring friends and family together, share the latest news, and make plans. A major boon is represented by the fact that WhatsApp can also be used via a PC with the help of WhatsApp Web. It is easy to sign-in as all you need to do is to launch the service and open WhatsApp on your smartphone to scan a QR code.

The latest update for the app, Beta, adds new animated stickers to the sticker store.

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