WhatsApp Beta Available with Bug Fixes and Features New Encryption

In the 21st century, information is everything. However, what good is information if you can’t share it properly?

The channel you use to send data is vital, often as important as the data you are trying to send.

Technology has progressed immensely over the past two decades. Instant messaging has rapidly outshined the traditional e-mail.

When the first smartphones were released, the direction where technology is heading was clear. More and more apps became available, and soon came WhatsApp – one of the most popular instant messaging services of the moment.

It is now part of the Facebook group, alongside the likes of Instagram and Messenger.

WhatsApp serves a user base of over one billion each day.

WhatsApp is reliable, fast, and has a multitude of features that make it stand out. You can send photos, gifs, videos, make audio and video calls, share your location, and more!

One exciting aspect of WhatsApp is that it features end-to-end encryption, meaning nobody can access your data and messages, not even WhatsApp!

Current Version

WhatsApp receives constant updates that make it increasingly reliable and more pleasant to use.

The app reached version beta. These are the latest patch notes:

“* New search options allow you to filter by author and content type.

* Group calls now support picture-in-picture mode for easier multitasking.

* The attachment menu has been updated to include refreshed icons and add back the camera shortcut.”

The update is released progressively for beta users. It’s not yet known when it will be available for non-beta users.

If you want to be among the first to get WhatsApp updates, you can join the company’s beta program.

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