What We Know About Outriders, an Upcoming Shooter-RPG

Borderlands is credited by many as the father of the shooter-looter, which blends light RPG elements with the ability to collect looks that become increasingly powerful as you are heading towards the endgame.

Publisher Square Enix and People Can Fly, the studio behind the popular Bulletstorm and Painkiller titles, are working on what seems to be the next evolution of the shooter-looter , which is called shooter-RPG.

Rich lore

According to the official lore, the event s of the game will take place on Enoch, a planet that is filled with dangers. Brave humans established a first colony, which is known as the First City, built from a part of the impressive spacecraft that carried them to the planet.

An anomaly storm travelled across the city, damaging the building and reaching the nuclear power core that was used by the colony as a source of electric power.The storm compromised the nuclear core, triggering a large-scale nuclear explosion that released a large amount of lehal radiation. In the aftermath of the event, the First City became a veritable war zone as disgruntled factions fight for supremacy.

In-depth customization

A particular focus has been placed on customization, as Outriders will take advantage of its RPG roots. For example, players have the freedom to customize the User Interface according to their wish, picking between what can be displayed and what can be hidden.

A dynamic difficulty system will offer an interesting and emergent gameplay experience as players explore the game world. Fiften World Tiers will offer an immersive experience as players will be promoted to a higher-difficulty tier automatically if the play well or demoted to an easier tier if they die too often. There is also the option to pick at any time between the tiers that have been unlocked.

Several classes will also be available, each with its ability kit and signature traits. The game will be released at some point in 2020 for all the popular platforms.

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