Wearing Black is Cool, but This Fish Can Be a Horror Movie Star

Who said that only humans could be great actors in horror movies? Researchers are examining a peculiar species of fish that could also qualify for such kind of productions very well. And furthermore, they don’t even need a costume or to memorize any lines! Their appearance will be enough to convince you.

16 species of fish that dwell under the deep sea had been identified by researchers from the Duke University and the Smithsonian’s Natural Museum of Natural History. The sea creatures possess skin that absorbs more than 99.5% percent of light. As animals frequently develop abilities for adapting to the environment, these little sea monsters did the same in order to hide from aquatic predators that hunt by using bioluminescence.

Found in Monterey Bay and the Gulf of Mexico

The research team involved in the study had been using a spectrometer for measuring light reflecting off the skin of the fish. They were astonished by the results. Duke University released the following statement:

“The darkest species they found, a tiny anglerfish not much longer than a golf tee, soaks up so much light that almost none — 0.04% — bounces back to the eye,”

Study co-author Karen Osborn tells us about how could this intense blackness of the fish be used by humans in specific applications:

“Mimicking this strategy could help engineers develop less expensive, flexible and more durable ultra-black materials for use in optical technology, such as telescopes and cameras, and for camouflage.”

There you have it: if you’re into goth style and you want something blacker than black, now you know where to look for material for your clothes. But remember that pressure becomes unbearable under the deepness of the sea, which means that you need some pretty sophisticated tools.

The researchers published their study within the journal Current Biology.

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