Warm Water under Antarctica Is Causing The Thwaites Glacier Meltdown

New research from the New York University Environmental Fluid Dynamics and NYU Abu Dhabi’s Center for Global Sea Level Change is showing for the first time that Antarctica has underneath its glaciers, warm water.

The team is thinking that the warm water from the glaciers could be the cause of the gradual melting and the rise of the sea level. The presence of warm waters is not a useful finding because this is practically more of a warning about the changes in our planet and climate.

Having warm water under the glacier is influencing the melt and the rise of sea levels, especially in the living parts of the globe. Putting the results as numbers, the warm water is with two degrees above the freezing temperature.

Warm Water under Antarctica Is Causing The Thwaites Glacier Meltdown

The team discovered the warm water in the Western Antarctic Ice Sheet, beneath the Thwaites glacier. The area of the Thwaites glacier is the spot where the ice is between resting and floating on the ocean.

Moreover, the discovery must not be seen as a natural and straightforward thing, because if Thwaites melts, the impact is global and massive. Having this glacier melting means a mass of water with the size of Great Britain or the state of Florida. And regarding the sea level rising, it will contribute 4%. The results are scarring, with Thwaites adding a significant amount of water, the sea level will increase.

Finally, for revealing this information, the scientists dig a 600-meter deep hole and 35 centimeters wide. Measuring the waters, they will see the changes in temperatures, turbulence, and other properties. Also, this way of measuring through a hole between the glacier is the first one, and made on January 8, while the measures were taken on January 10 and 11.

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