Verizon Moto G7 Power And Moto G7 Play Receive Android 10 Updates!

Motorola started introducing the Android 10 update for their G7 Play in June, and the Verizon version of the device is finally getting access to the update, too!

The Verizon Moto G7 Power is also receiving Android 10.

The latest build for the American carrier’s Moto G7 Play and Power bear the versions QPY30.85-18 and QCO30.85-18, accordingly.

They feature new volume controls, enhanced navigation gestures and notifications, and location/privacy enhancements.

The Android 10 updates are released via over-the-air (OTA) channels for both devices, and you should receive an update notification / prompt on your device in a week or two. If that does not happen, you can open the device’s settings app and navigate to the About Phone menu. There should be an option to update Android.

Decent Performers

Motorola’s G7 lineup was a fresh start for the company in the world of modern smartphones after a series of underwhelming devices.

The G7 Play and G7 Power are some affordable choices for the average consumer.

The G7 Play shares almost all of the specifications with the G7 Power, and it packs a sharper display and dedicated selfie camera flash.

However, if you have extra cash to spend and need a bigger battery, the G7 Power is the way to go for you.

The main advantages of the G7 Power over the G7 Play are the gigantic battery and additional RAM that improve multitasking.

Most users are happy with the Play, but if you are concerned about the device’s autonomy, you should get the G7 Power. It won’t disappoint you.

The G7 Power is available for $180 at Amazon, while the G7 Play costs $130 at Amazon.

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