UU Gamebooster Update 3.4.0713 Brings New User Experience Improvements

The mobile gaming sector has continued to grow in recent years as manufacturers continue to release powerful devices, with many of them being marketed at an affordable price. Some of the mobile games that can be found in app stores rival console-grade ones, especially competitive titles.

As any gamer can tell you network performance plays a crucial role during competitive games since even the slightest amount of lag can make you miss a kill, an event that can lead to deadly consequences if the target seeks revenge. UU Game Booster is the solution to your network-related problems.

Increased network performance

UU Game Booster is an advanced network optimization app that can enhance the quality of the internet connection on your device. It can minimize high ping and latency problems during multiplayer games so you can experience a smooth experience regardless of your location.

The app works by redirecting your traffic through a complex network that has been built from the ground up to preserve the data and send it between nods at the fastest speed possible, effectively creating a virtual highway without speed limits.

Optimized for gaming

Unlike other booster apps, UU Game Booster is designed to complement mobile games, and it will not affect the use of other apps when it is active. While players can enjoy a faster network connection, the app is not a VPN, nor will it boost performance during the streaming or while downloading large files.

Download the app and take advantage of a superior experience during battle royale games, MOBAs, and a large variety of other interesting titles. All that you need to do is to launch the app and pick the desired title, and the app will handle everything else. A free 72-hour trial will begin when the app is used for the first time.

Update improves the update experiences, and managing titles with the same name is now easier.

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