US ban on Huawei has been extended to May 2021

Huawei has faced some major challenges after the US decided to ban the company in 2020. After the ban was announced, all US companies were forced to abandon their partnerships with Huawei, including Google.

As a consequence, Huawei devices sold in the Western markets cannot make any Google apps, including the Google Play Store and Google Play services APIs, which are mandatory for the use of many popular apps and games.

The sanction has been extended

Donald Trump, the current US president, has announced that the executive order which stops US companies from working with telecommunication companies that are classified as a risk to national security has been extended for another year, until May 21.

The order is based on the International Emergency Economic Powers Act, which allows the president to issue regulating executive orders related to commercial activities and partnerships if a possible threat to the national security of the United States is identified.  ZTE is also affected by the order.

Several extensions have been provided to allow the company to support devices that were sold in the past and to allow services that relied on Huawei components to make the transition without major interruptions.

Lower sales

The loss of access to essential Android apps and services has affected the company severely, as many prospective customers have started to avoid their once-popular flagship smartphones.

Mate 30 was the first Huawei flagship that was released without the ability to access Google Play and its related services. Sideloading was an option for a while, but it is far from being a convenient alternative, especially for a user who isn’t familiar with the method.

Huawei P40, the latest addition to the P-series, comes with the AppGallery storefront, which does grant access to some of the most popular apps, but glaring omissions remain, and the only alternative to get your favorite apps remains sideloading.

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