Uno! 1.6.2161 Update Comes With New Events

Many smartphone owners enjoy the opportunity to play a variety of mobile games on their devices, with some titles offering an adrenaline-filled experience while others encourage strategy and tactics to score a win.

The Uno! App offers the chance to enjoy the world-famous card game on the screen of your smartphone and comes with an exciting mix of features, including house rules, new game modes, and tournaments that can offer a lot of entertainment. Old and new players alike are welcome as Uno! It offers something for everyone!

A digital classic

Install the game and dive into the timeless Uno! Experience with a few tap. Play the classic mode or add some house rules for an extra challenge as you play in real-time matches against payers from all over the world. Prove your skill and win games to climb to the top of the leaderboards!

Any game is better with friends, and with Uno! you can connect with old friends and find new ones with the help of Uno! Clubs. Recruit a friend and work together in the 2vs2 mode to secure victory.

Fast and easy

Want a quick game or to learn the rules? Hit the Quick Play Button to start a classic Uno! game. Select the Room Mode, pick your favorite rules and invite frames to enjoy surprising matches where the tides can be turned with cards like Wild Punch, which grants a +4 Wild to the player who uses the card.

Chat with other Uno! Club friends and send or receive gifts to and from other members. Have what it takes for high-stakes matches? Join tournaments to showcase your skills in front of other players and win a rich selection of exciting rewards and prizes.

New events come with the 1.6.2161 update as the Diamond Bonanza, and Diamond Extravaganza will offer fabulous rewards. Enter the Card Carnival for a chance to win cosmic treats!

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