Unlock Your iPhone to Use Other Carriers With These Tips

Many telecommunication services providers tend to sell iPhones within their stores. In most cases, the iPhone can be purchased at a more affordable price by opting for a contract or an installment plan, but such offers come with the need to pick a carrier-locked device.

Locked iPhones, and other smartphones, run a special piece of code that ensures that they can only connect to the GSM network of the carrier who sells the device. Users who wish to make the jump to a different carrier will have to unlock it.

What you need to know in advance

Apple doesn’t offer unlocking services, but you can visit the official Apple website to access a list of carriers who offer unlocking services for the devices they sell.

There are also a few criteria that need to be satisfied before the carrier will unlock your device. The device has to be paid in full by reaching the plan of the installment plan or the contract, which included the device as a part of the deal.

A request has to be sent to your carrier to begin the unlock process. Several days may pass until the procedure is complete.

Road to freedom

Different carriers will have different requirements that have to be fulfilled before they will agree to unlock your device.

There is also the option to use an unlock service provided by a third-party company. An IMEI unlocks works like the official factory unlock, and it can be easier to obtain, as all that you need to do is to provide the IMEI code for the device and pay the unlock fee.

It is advised to research the vendors on TrustPilot and other popular reviews site or to pick companies which are already popular for providing a high-quality experience. Most vendors will send the unlock code and instructions via email.


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