Ultimate Ninja Blazing Update 2.25.0 Brings A New Phantom Castle Feature

Many people are familiar with Naruto, the star of a legendary series of manga and anime that has been a global hit across the world, enjoying a dedicated fan base. There are lots of video games that are based on the Naruto franchise, and Ultimate Ninja Blazing is a great choice for mobile gamers.

Step into the world of Naruto during the Shippuden Era and defeat enemies at the height of the 4th Great Ninja War, complete missions and enjoy special events as you master impressive Ninjutsu and aim to become the next Hokage.

Join the Battle

Accept the challenge and join the battle accompanied by more than 100 heroes from Naruto, each with their own signature skills and tactics. Master Taijutsu, Ninjutsu or Genjutsu to defeat your enemies in battle. Turn the tides of battle with the help of special attacks that can unleash devastating damage.

There are lots of missions to discover and complete, with many of them being based on the official storyline, as featured in the anime series. Relieve some of the most iconic moments in Shippuden, reproduced with impressive graphics and awesome sound effects.

Awesome combat system

Harness an excellent combat system with the impressive Shinobi Formation Battles and vanquish your enemies with mighty close-range attacks, skillful long-range attacks, and surprising combination attacks that deal great damage. Activate a Ninja Field Skill at the right time to gain an edge and win the battle.

Showcase your battle skills in exciting battles against other Ninjas from all over the world and earn points to rise to the top or work join up to three other players in exciting co-op missions that offer exciting rewards.

The 2.25.0 update brings new games for the Phantom Castle, including one that can only be accessed during special events. There are also some UI improvements and bug fixes.


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