UFO Preview as an Odd Thing is Identified in Space Shuttle Atlantis

UFO viewers have explained how they noticed an alien oddity in a recent and unearthed NASA Space Shuttle Atlantis image. Self-learned alien expert Scott Waring took to his etdatabase.com blog to chat about the strange discovery.

He detailed: “I found what I believe to be a UFO passing below the Space Shuttle Atlantis while in Earth’s orbit.” The speculation theorist thinks that the picture represents proof of the famous Black Knight’s satellites. Waring further explained: “I am fairly certain this too is a UFO that has been mistakenly labeled as a satellite. We all heard about the Shittle Atlantis being followed by several UFOs.”

NASA shuttle controllers in 2006 discussed whether simple camera views, a third heat defense survey or probably even a spacewalk were needed to direct a strange thing near the Space Shuttle Atlantis, which slowed the spacecraft’s scheduled Wednesday landing.

UFO Preview as an Odd Thing is Identified in Space Shuttle Atlantis

Moreover, NASA’s shuttle project manager Wayne Hale said: “We have ruled out nothing, and we’ll take the time that it needs to take.” Warning, on the other hand, added: “Well, it looks like one of those UFOs got caught close up in these photos.”

The oddity was shot during the STS-61B project back in November 1985. The NASA photo has been categorized in the Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth as occurring many miles over the Chinese coast. Also, the picture vaguely displays the incident as a “satellite deployment,” which is it as well under close examination.

The disk-designed object, is an accurately-defined increased area close to the oddity’s middle, while there appear to be ridged parts over the edges. Waring thinks the imagery series shows the strange thing is on a trajectory away from an Earth orbit into space. He also explained that the satellites usually stay close in Earth’s orbit.

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