UAE Prepares For The Hope Mars Mission

It’s been years since humanity has set foot on the Moon, but the race towards Mars is accelerating at a fast pace as more countries and space agencies become interested in the potential of the Red Planet. The UAE is among the newcomers, and the Hope Mars Mission would be a historic achievement.

The goal of the Emirates’ mission is to obtain new information related to the atmosphere of the planet. An initial launch date has been delayed due to harsh weather conditions, and if everything goes according to plan, the launch should take place soon.

The path to progress

According to a statement provided by the manager of the mission, the launch is a part of the golden age of space in the UAE. The ambitions of the country are quite impressive since the sector is relatively new, and missions require a lot of resources for proper planning and execution.

UAE is well-known for its vast resources of oil, which dominate the economy. The focus on a booming space sector servers a dual purpose as it encourages the diversification of the economy and while also attracting students towards new fields.

Going into STEM

STEM continues to remain an important field, and the UAE government wants to show to the youth that change and growth can take place across multiple sectors, bringing new benefits for the country. Even the name of the spacecraft is inspirational as Al Amal means Hope in English.

According to current plans, the liftoff will take place frm Tanegashima, Japan. UAE researchers and scientists have been hard at work on the project, which was developed in six years, while the average time required to fully develop a Mars mission varies between 10 to 12.

Hope will explore the atmosphere of Mars for a full Martian year, collecting new information about it that could answer some of the questions related to the Red Planet.


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