Two Black Holes Has Proven the Accuracy of Einstein’s Theories

A recent analysis of a couple of black holes has allowed scientists to test the fundamental principles of Einstein’s theories. One of the black holes is 18 billion times bigger than our Sun, while the other weighs about 150 million times the mass of the red dwarf. The black hole pair is known as the OJ 287 and was formed about 3.5 billion light-years ago.

Every 12 years, the pair of black holes emit an outburst of energy and light, which is similar in size with a trillion suns that would be located in the same host galaxy. The significant occurrence happens because the smaller back hole crashes onto the surface of its partner, where the disc of dust is responsible for heating the inspiraling material.

A Pair of Extremely Different Black Holes Has Proven the Accuracy of Einstein’s Theories

Sometimes, the heating episodes might change their schedule, occurring every ten years. The scientists have managed to determine that the smaller black hole orbits around its partner, being responsible for the variation of the impact, as explained by Prof. Mauri Valtonen. Back in 1996, the researchers managed to determine a concrete path of the smaller hole, and they are getting closer and closer to the truth.

The astronomers have included in their research the amount of energy that radiates away from the two black holes, creating a system of gravitational waves, introducing Einstein’s theory of general relativity. On the 31st of July, the researchers managed to analyze the most recent flaring with the help of Spitzer, NASA’s infrared telescope. Dr. Seppo Laine, the leading researcher, declared that it was amazing to find out that OJ 287 was visible according to the predictions.

The scientists managed to understand the rotation axis of the bigger black hole, implementing Stephen Hawking’s “no-hair” theory. Therefore, the surface of the event horizon of the more prominent black hole is smooth, presenting no lumps of bumps. The upcoming campaigns to analyze this event are suspended at the moment, due to the ongoing pandemic.

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