Twitter Update 8.50.0-alpha.05 Removes Several Bugs

Social media platforms have grown at an exponential rate in recent years as more people discovered how easy and intuitive it is to use a smartphone or a tablet.  Twitter is a popular micro-blogging and social media platform that is enjoyed by more than 2 billion people across the world.

The popular platform was created, refined, and released in 2006, becoming a hit as the first smartphone devices arrived on the market a year later. A Core part of the app is represented by the sharing of tweets, small text posts with a length of up to 280 characters (or 140 for Asian languages).

Loved by many

By using Twitter, you can learn more about what happens around the world in a single app. Tweets can cover an impressive array of topics, ranging from the latest local news to hot rumors about your favorite celebrities, announcements related to the latest video games, and much more.

Find tweets focused around a specific topic by searching for specific hashtags, or search the name of your favorite brands, celebrities, and companies to follow their official accounts and learn to get fresh tweets as soon as they are released.

Lots of features

You can follow other accounts easily by  tapping the follow button, with posts appearing on your feed, while notifications will let you know if you miss anything.  There are lots of ways to customize your profile, as you can set the main profile picture, a cover, or add a description.

Use the app to gain access to live streams on the ago, allowing you to keep an eye on some evens as they can take place. It is also easy to share your day with followers by creating and sharing videos or starting your streams and highlighting moments that make you feel proud or share issues and ask for advice.

Several bugs are removed via the 8.50.0-alpha.05 update. As with all APK files, it is advised to download it from a secure source.

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