Top 5 Life Hack Apps on Android

We are all human beings, and we need time to deal with all of our tasks. And we need to use what we have. It might be a good idea to use life hack apps on Android, and we are here to help you with those.

Best Life Hack Apps On Android

Post box

We all check our phones more often than we should, and it takes a lot of our precious time. Post Box stops you from doing that. It gathers all of your notifications, and it released them all at once at one specific time. You can choose the app to release one, two, three, or four times every day. The app organizes your notifications, and you can want which ones to see. You won’t spend as much time on your device as before.

Wanna Kicks

We suppose you know what it’s like to order your sneakers online, and then finding out they are not what you expected. This app is one of the best life hack apps on Android, too. You get to experience the 3D world of Augmented Reality. There are a lot of sneakers there, and you can see how they look on you before ordering them.

Wi-Fi AR

We all know what it is like to go around the room, hoping to find a strong signal for your phones. That is not the case anymore. You just need to download the Wi-Fi AR app, which will help you in finding the best-fit place, the one with the strongest Wi-Fi signal. The app will show you the signals of Wi-Fi within the screen of your camera.

Google Go

If you have trouble with your internet connectivity being slow or with the storage on your phone being low, then we have a solution for you. Google Go is the answer. This is a browser. However, it uses some tricks that help you to save 30 to 40% of data. It is also faster than Google Chrome. And the best part is that it can help you read an article. It will read it for you, and you can adjust the speed of speech as well.

Firefox Screenshot Go

If you encounter problems with screenshots, then fear no more, we can help you. If you don’t find an important screenshot that you took a while ago, you can search it with ScreenshotGo. You can type the text that your screenshot has, and it will find it in no time.

The app won’t only let you search the photo, but it also allows you to copy the text from the screenshots and paste it wherever you want. It also organizes them according to some domains of your collections. It is really useful if you’re looking for info or even a meme to show your friends.

The Bottom Line

We all have to deal with our time. These life hack apps on Android can help us be more efficient and productive, especially now, during the isolation, when we have to stay at home and even work from home.

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