The Xbox Series X will come with an excellent feature

Both Microsoft and Sony have been hard at work on the new generation of consoles.

The two devices appear to sport similar technology, but there will be a few key features that will separate them, and Microsoft has been quite keen on highlighting them. Smart delivery has been one of the most celebrated ones as gamers can purchase a title for the Xbox One and then upgrade it to an Xbox Series X version without the need to pay a dime.

During a recent interview, the Xbox director of program management has also announced that Xbox Series X will feature a compression technology that will allow it to use the storage space available on the internal SSD more efficiently. Games will consume as little space as possible, but the experience will remain fluid, as CPU overhead processes associated with real-time decompression will be eliminated.

In an age where most Triple-A titles have started to surpass the 100GB threshold, such a feature is a great boon, especially for those who like to keep several games installed at the same time. According to the employee who was interviewed, the feature can be implemented with the help of Microsoft’s BCPack texture compressor.

BCPack was designed from the ground up to compress texture data, which tends to consume a significant amount of data, especially in the case of large open-world titles. A new installation protocol will also allow players to only download the data which is relevant for them. For example, a player who wants to play the game with English audio will no longer need to download audio files for other languages.

At the same time, it was mentioned that Microsoft doesn’t want to restrict the size of a game in any way. However, due to slow internet connections, many gamers would prefer smaller games, as it can be quite annoying to wait for the download process to end.

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