The Xbox Series X Might Be Paired With A Payment Plan

Xbox fans are looking forward to the release of the next Xbox console, as Microsoft did a great job with the marketing of the device, arguing that the powerful console will be able to play games at an impressive quality without sacrifices.

In recent years Microsoft dived into the subscription market, offering access to a lot of products and services at an affordable price, with one of the most notable examples being the Xbox Game Pass, which packs a curated selection of many popular video games.

Making gaming more affordable

While the Xbox Series X will be more affordable than a regular gaming PC, likely, some Xbox fans may not have access to the money needed to purchase the new device without saving for a few moments. However, a program launched in 2018 may offer them the chance to enjoy the device and more benefits at an affordable price.

Revealed in 2018, the Xbox All Access payment option offers 24 months of Game Pass Ultimate (which includes the Xbox Game Pass as well as Xbox Live Gold) and and Xbox One S or Xbox One X at an affordable price.

Avalaible for the Xbox Series X

According to an interview offered by the chief of the Xbox division, Phil Spencer, the payment system will be a key part of the Xbox Series X launch, and the Xbox Series generations.

A major drawback of the system was represented by the fact that it was only available in a limited number of countries. This decision may have discouraged some potential buyers who weren’t eligible for the payment plan due to their locations.

Spencer mentioned that the initiative has been well-received, and Microsoft is exploring the option to expand the list of available markets and retailer partners to allow more people to enjoy the benefits offered by Xbox All Access.


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