The Sims 4 New Community-Oriented Expansion

Fans are waiting with a lot of enthusiasm for the fifth installment of the The Sims series, but EA, the publishers of the games, are still posting new content for The Sims 4, the latest installment in the series so far. A lot of stuff has been released recently. If you are interested in what is new in the life-sim game, scroll down in the article.

Release Date

The Sims 4: Nifty Knitting is going to arrive at the end of this month, on 28 July. This expansion will be available on PS4, PC , Mac and Xbox One. Players will be able to get the game on non-console platforms via Steam or Origin.

The Trailer

The well-directed trailer for the Nifty Knitting expansion is available on the official website of The Sims 4. It is so incredibly catching, that you might watch it several times. Who knows, if you watch it enough, you might end up giving more money to EA and actually believing that knitting is something cool and worth it.

What It Is

But actually, what is Nifty Knitting? Well, this expansion is community-based. It is a pack that was voted by gamers to be added to the game in the early days of March 2019. It took them more than a year, but gamers finally got what they were hoping for: knitting in a life-management simulator.

Community-Oriented Expansion

The gamers, or, as they are called by EA, Simmers, have done a lot more than vote on their favorite expansion. They chose the art style, the theme, the assets, and even chose the title and the icon that this expansion will have. Unfortunately, they were not allowed to also choose the price for the expansion.

So, what does this expansion pack, which required little effort from EA to come to fruition, do? It enables Simmers to maker their Sims knit. Yep, pretty cool.

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