The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is worth the wait

The Samsung S20 and S20 Ultra have made a major splash, as they come with a wealth of new features and the same quality that made the Galaxy brand a long-standing hit.

However, the Galaxy Note 20 is shaping up to be a great device on its own, and users who have the patience to wait until the device is released later this year may gain access to exclusive traits that differentiate it from its smartphone brethren.

Advanced biometrics

A reliable source has announced that the Galaxy Note 20 will receive some major biometric improvements in comparison to the S20 range, and the price also appears to be lower.

It is inferred that Samsung will fit the Note 20 series with the 3D Sonic Max ultrasonic fingerprint sensor. Qualcomm notes that the upcoming fingerprint sensor will come with massive improvements as the recognition area is considerably larger. It will also pack support for two-finger authentication by touching the screen with two fingers at the same time while also being considerably faster and more accurate.

Many reviews have criticized the unlocking experience on the S20 range due to Samsung’s decision to opt for the first generation ultrasonic sensor. However, the decision was motivated by the need to keep the usual release window.

Superior performance at a better price

Both the Note 20 and the Note 20+ will come with 16GB of RAM. The RAM will also be of superior quality as 16GB LPDDR5 DRAM modules will be used. As in the case the of the fingerprint sensor, this technology wasn’t available when the S20 range was released. According to Samsung, the new memory modules are up to 30% and 20% more power efficient in comparison to the previous generation.

It is also thought that Galaxy Note 20+ will sport an LTPO variable refresh rate display that makes 120Hz accessible and power efficient at the same time. The S Pen will also receive a significant upgrade.

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