The PS5 Reveal Event Will Take Place On June 11

Many PS fans are looking forward to the the official reveal of the upcoming gaming console, an event which should have taken place last week but was delayed due to the current social climate in the US.

Sony revealed a few details about the console in recent months, but it is anticipated that it will showcase new and unannounced features at the reveal event. Some also hope that a few gameplay sequences from some of the next generation titles could make an appearance, but that remains to be seen as it is hard to anticipate the content that could be shown

New date

Eagle-eyed internet users had spotted an accidental leak of the event, with an image and a promotional Twitch clip being shared quickly on Twitter before Sony had the time to react and prevent the clear from spreading.

Since the previous date for the event is June 4, it seems that the delay is quite short as the event will after one week since the previous date. The company stated last week that a new date for the event would be announced at a later date, but there is nothing official for now.

Take all leaks with a grain of salt

Sine the new information doesn’t come from an official source, it is important to take it with a grain of salt, as one should do with any news that is based on a leak. While the image and the video appear to be professional and authentic we live in an era in which it is easy to release fake content.

However, if the leak is accurate Sony should make an official announcement related to the new date for the Future of Gaming event, which should include details about the way in which interested people can watch the stream. Details like the price and availability at launch could also be mentioned.

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