The PS5 Comes With A Major Lifespan Caveat

The PS5 is one of the most anticipated video games consoles of all times and a worthy challenger to Microsoft’s Xbox Series X. While the latter may have a superior CPU, Sony’s bet on an ultra-fast SSD offers very short load times, a feature that will be appreciated by many gamers.

Some wondered about the internals of the PS5, and Sony decided to offer more information with the help of an official tear-down video, which shows how the console looks on the inside. However, there is also a concerning factor.

Soldered SSD

The internal hard disks used by the PS3 and PS4 for fully replaceable, which means that they could be swapped easily if a hardware failure took place. In the case of the PS5, Sony went on a different route and denied to solder the SSD on the motherboard.

While an SSD has a substantial lifespan in most cases, gamers will not have the option to replace it if it fails. This decision might be related to the fact that Sony doesn’t wish to license the SSD present in the console for commercial sales.

Sturdy hardware

Current data infers that SSDs have strong TBW values. One of the most popular SSDs available on the market has a 600TB value. This means that up to 600TB of data can be written on it before degradation will start to appear and damage it in the long run.

Such high values remain hard to achieve for now, and there might also be a second solution if Sony would allow PS5 users to install the OS on an SSD placed in the secondary M.2 PCIe 4.0 slot that is available within the console. Only time will tell if this is a feasible option.

Sony plans to launch the PS5 in November, and it is likely that early units will be sold quickly.

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