The New 2020 27-inch iMac Comes With Fresh Upgrades

Apple has been hard at work on a variety of new devices, and a new range of iMacs has been revealed. The all-in-one devices come wit a 27-inch panel and a few changes that seek to make them more attractive in comparison to the 2019 iMac 5K.

While the new models don’t come with the dramatic redesign, which was anticipated by some users, they do look quite good and incorporate superior hardware that will be a great plus for users who need and enjoy performance and productivity.

New parts under the hood

Despite the announcement of a transition to in-house silicon and WWDC 2020, Apple fitted the new iMac with chipsets from Intel’s 10th generation line. The new chips have an increased performance of up to 65%, which is an impressive gain that should be felt in intensive tasks.

On the graphics side, Apple offers custom solutions in the form of AMD Radeon Pro graphics cards, which also come with a performance gain of up to 55%. There is no option for Nvidia graphics cards, but external GPU enclosures are a viable alternative for those who need more power.

Faster, smarter, better

Classic hardware has been removed from the line in favor of an all-SSD lineup. While this decision should favor performance, some users may be displeased by the loss of a significant amount of storage space. The base model comes with a 256GB SSD, while the previous model featured a 1TB Fusion Drive.

The resolution, aspect ratio, PPI, and other aspects are identical to the values offered by the previous generation, but there are a few welcome changes. True Tone technology will adjust the color temperature in accordance with the user environment. Security has also been boosted with a T2 chipset.

Overall, the upgrades are really good, but users who bought an iMac recently should wait for the next generation.

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