The Mysterious Discovery of 42 Skeletons in the Rural U.K.

A mysterious discovery in the rural U.K, where a team of builders where excavating for the construction of a retirement community. The excavations are bringing to light 42 skeletons with their hands tied behind their backs.

Unfortunately, the identity of the 42 skeletons is mysterious, and neither why nor how they ended up there. The discovery was made in December by the Brio Retirement Living Holding team in the West End Farm in Buckingham, England.

The developer mentioned above is creating 72 new apartments for retirees, and during their digging, they found this grave with individuals. Archaeologists have been contracted, and they are working alongside builders for more official information. The discovery is suggesting that if the skeletons are having their hands tied behind their backs, we could be talking about some prisoners.

The Mysterious Discovery of 42 Skeletons in the Rural U.K.

The period they belong could be from the Anglo-Saxon era when a lot of killings happen in Buckingham, or even from the Civil War. The authorities are also having the assumption of punishment for criminals that have been hanged in the town. BCAS or the Bucks County Council’s Archaeological Service is saying that they know about the discovery, but they are still waiting for more information.

So, until further information about the skeletons does not come to BCAS, the service can’t have a word in the matter. The information that BCAS is waiting for is about the descriptions of the grave and artifacts found, the genders and ages of the skeletons, and even how they died. Unfortunately, information can arrive in months.

In either case, this discovery made in the rural U.K can lead to finding out an essential piece of history, revealing the reason why they ended up like that and when. Buckingham can show through these findings a historical significance.

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