The Minimum File Size for Ghost of Tsushima Was Revealed

The PS4 has dominated the current console generation, with more than 100 million units sold at a global level. While the PS5 launch will be announced or released later this year, a handful of excellent exclusives will arrive on the PS4 this year, and Ghost of Tsushima is one of them.

Developed by Sucker Punch, the studio behind the popular Infamous franchise, Ghosts of Tsushima promises an interesting gameplay experience as players will roam a virtual representation of Feudal Japan as one of the last samurai, fighting against the invading Mongol forces.

The tale of a lifetime

Ghost of Tsushima will offer an expansive open-world setting that can be traversed on foot or with the help of a horse. Incredible vistas will await players, including vast fields, peaceful shrines, and mysterious forest. Players will have the option to take a pause and soak in the scenery, rendered with incredible skill and ability to push the PS5 to its limit

Jin is the protagonist of the game, a warrior raised in the traditions of the samurai. When the savage Mongol forces invade Tsushima and slaughter everything in their path, Jin faces a harrowing dilemma. Should he follow the honorable tradition of the samurai and fight without a chance of winning or betray the ancient beliefs and defend the ancestral lands at all costs?

Size matters

A recent State of Play even underlined many of the features that will be present in the game, including an in-depth and exciting combat system, a world filled with secrets and mysteries and beautiful graphics.

Some PS4 owners have started to worry that the game will demand a generous amount of storage space, but there is no need to worry. The game will require a minimum amount of 50GB of free sace for the installation, a size that is similar to that of Days Gone.


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