The Mars Rover Launch Has Been Delayed Again

The launch of the Perseverance rover has been one of the most anticipated events, but it seems that some time will need to pass until the launch takes place. NASA and the United Alliance have decided to postpone the event.

According to information provided by NASA, the decision is base on the presence of issues related to the launch vehicle as a liquid oxygen sensor has generated strange data uring a practice session, and the team has decided to learn more about the abnormal reading.

Several delays

For now, the launch date has been shifted to July 30, but new delays could take place if the reason behind the issue will not be identified within a useful timeframe. While one abnormal reading may not seem to be too significant, it can be a hint for other potential issues that may surface at a later date.

This is not the first delay related to the rover after NASA swapped the initial July 17 launch date with July 22 after it discovered a problem tied to the encapsulation of the spacecraft. It is estimated that the rover will land in the Jezero Crater found on Mard by February 2021.

Perfecting the launch

The pace agency has been working on the Perseverance rover and the Mars 2020 mission for several years, and it is not surprising that it wants to ensure that everything will go according to plan and without any potential issues.

It is known that the main aim of the mission is to track down signs of habitable conditions that could have been found in the past on Mars. Some researchers also hope that Perseverance will be able to track down signs of microbial life, which could prove that life may have been present on the planet at one point, even in a primitive form.

More information will be shared by NASA in the following weeks.

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