The Latest Cummulative Update For Windows 10 Is Causing Trouble

Since Windows 10 was released, Microsoft has tried to enhance the user experience with the release of a large number of big and small updates that aim to correct bugs, bring new features, and improve the overall stability of the OS.

While some updates have been well-received by the community, other updates have sparked outrage, and it seems that this is the case for the latest cumulative update for the popular OS has sparked heated debates among the community as a small but vocal number of users have complained about issues faced after the update was installed.

Update woes

KB4566782, as the update is known, was released by Microsoft two weeks ago, and some users ran into trouble from the start as installation issues were encountered. Different error codes were displayed when users tried to install the update. Some preferred to download the updates separately from the Microsoft Update Catalogue website to avoid the installation issues.

A portion of the users who managed to install the update complained about issues that surfaced when they tried to run tasks or do something on their machine, ranging from professional editing software to merely opening a folder.

Uninstall and wait

The best advice for those who are experiencing trouble is to go to the Settings/Update & Security/View Update History. Select the update and click on the uninstall button. Confirm the action and wait until the update is removed and reboot your machine.

Despite the issues faced by some users, the August cumulative update does include an assortment of critical security improvements. Overall, security has been increased, and it is now safer to use accessories, run basic tasks, and much more. An issue related to the way in which Universal Windows App allows single-sing on authentication when an app does not feature an Enterprise Authentication capability was also solved.

The current issues could be fixed with the release of new updates in the following weeks.

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