The iPhone 13 Could Bring Back A Beloved Feature

It’s been less than a week since the iPhone 12 range was showcased by Apple, sparking the interest of millions of fans from all over the world, as many rushed to pre-order the new devices.

The new iPhone range comes with a series of new tricks and features, but some are already looking forward to the next generation, which should be released in 2021. According to a popular leaker, one of the most popular iPhone features could return on the iPhone 13.

Unlocking iPhones

With the release of the iPhone X, Touch ID was scrapped in favor of Face ID, a change that was quite disappointing for a large number of people. While many learned to love Face ID in time, the COVID-19 pandemic forces many people who wear a mask to unlock their iPhones with a PIN since Face ID won’t recognize their face if it is covered.

The situation has brought back to life old discussions among Apple fans, with some arguing that Touch ID would have been quite handy during these times as it would allow user to unlock their devices more easily.

The return of Touch ID

The leaker, who shared interesting information in the past, released a message on a popular social media platform. At first sight, there doesn’t seem to be anything relevant, as the message notes that MESA uts is heading to the iPhone.

Tech-savvy users will know that MESA is the internal Apple codename for Touch ID, while uts is an acronym for under the screen. An under the screen version of Touch ID would be a great feature for millions of fans, especially for those who aren’t charmed by Face ID and prefer the iconic unlock method.

Since there is close to a year before the next iPhones will be announced, Apple has more than enough time to bring Touch ID back with a bang.

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