The iPhone 12 Range Will Be Showcased On October 13

Apple has announced the date for the official reveal of the next generation of iPhones, and many fans are looking forward to it. A veritable storm of rumors formed in recent months as sources have offered interesting details about the potential features that will be available.

The event will be online-only, as it was the case with the WODC conference and the recent reveals of the new iPad and Apple Watch devices. Anyone will have access to the event via Apple’s official website, which is a great boon for potential customers.

In high demand

While the COVID-19 pandemic may have forced people to curve some spending habits in recent months, more than 50% of the participants in an Apple-focused survey have mentioned that they plan to buy the new iPhone.

People are also discussing the promotional material shared by Apple, especially the logo featured on the invite for the event. The logo features the classic apple and the overlapping circles, as well as the colors blue and orange. It also uses the classic Hi keyword for Siri paired with the word Speed, which may infer that Siri, the device, or both will be even faster.

Late but more affordable

The new range of iPhones will arrive at a later date this year, but it will also be more affordable according to some sources, as Apple plans to target consumers that are willing to pay the price of an upper –mid-range Android smartphone.

5G will also be a major factor, and it is thought that all of the iPhone 12 models will come with the new standard, but only the high-end ones will feature the faster version. Along with a new SoC and design, the iPhone 12 range seems to be ready to conquer to market, pleasing new and old customers alike.

Select market studies note that the launch will be the biggest event for the iPhone range since the iPhone 6 was announced in 2014.

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