The Hubble Space Telescope Captures Amazing Pictures of the Borisov Interstellar Comet

The interstellar comet 2I/Borisov is quite famous these days, and scientists have been taking a lot of pics. These new pics showed more than we expected since it makes its closes approach the Earth.

The Hubble Space Telescope Captures Amazing Pictures of the Borisov Interstellar Comet

The released pictures from NASA and the ESA Hubble Space Telescope were taken from a distance of 300 million kilometers, and there are so many details. We have seen that it is 15 times smaller than we first thought.

Hubble comes with the best measure of the size of comer Borisov’s nucleus, which is a massive part of the comet. This comes from astronomer David Jewitt from the University of California Los Angeles. The radius is smaller than half a km. If we know the size, we can get a number and a mass of this kind of object in the Solar System and in the Milky Way.

2l Borisov Is The Second Known Interstellar Comet, After Oumuamua

There’s only one object on this list, which is an asteroid that’s called Oumuamua, and it is, indeed, an interstellar traveler.

Astronomer Gennadiy Borisov observed an unknown comet coming our way, at a distance of twice the orbit of Mars. After calculating its trajectory, he found out that the ball of ice and rock could not come from frozen wastes from the edge of our own Solar System, which is the place where other comets come from. It flew towards the sun, at the speed of 175,000 kilometers per hour.

By finding the two alien objects in such a short time as two years might be a lucky situation or an indication that we might be able to find more of them. But how many are there?

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