The Haptic Feedback of the Dualsense Will Let You Feel Weather Events in Games

With more than 100 million units sold, the PS4 is the undisputed champion of the current generation of consoles. Sony is working hard to make the PS5 a worthy successor to its current best-selling console, and it seems that a lot of focus is placed on the next generation of controllers.

The reveal of the redesigned look of the DualSense controller has made a splash as the crisp fusion between the white, black, and blue offers a futuristic vibe. However, looks aren’t everything, and the DualSense will come with some nifty tricks.

Advanced haptic technology

The recent Unreal Engine 5 demo revealed a host of advanced features. One of them is the ability to sample individual sounds, like the splash made by one raindrop, and allowing the game to scale up the intensity of the rain and the sound in a dynamic manner.

According to a reliable source, the PS5 development kits include the new controller, and the accessory is quite impressive. One of the implied features is the ability to convey environmental effects featured in a game with the help of haptic feedback.

Adaptive triggers will complement the experience, adding tension when certain actions will be performed in the game, with archery and racing being popular examples.

Convenient changes

Several design changes seek to make the new DualSense controller a great device. The Share button found on the DualShock4 has been changed into a Create button with additional functionalities.

The touch pad has a shape that is more stylish, and the light bar has been placed around it, complementing the looks while being more subtle at the same time.

A built-in battery is present, and it can be charged with a conventional USB Type-C cable. Sony didn’t offer any specific data about the autonomy, but the use of the popular USB Type-C standard should infer that some form of fast charging could be present.

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