The Factors Behind The Impressive Size of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Most of the video games that have been released in recent years tend to have a moderate size in comparison to what they offer, with a few notable exceptions. Call od Duty: Modern Warfare is the largest game available on consoles at the time of this article, and it will likely get even bigger.

At launch, the size of the game was more moderate, but the release of patches, DLC, and the highly popular Warzone battle royale mode have pushed the size to more than 180GB, which is already quite high on console versions that sport a 500GB HDD.

Uncompressed textures

Textures play a critical role in the file size of many modern games since most titles are packed with an impressive amount of different levels or massive open-world landscapes the developers have to include an impressive amount of unique textures while also keeping an eye on the computing power that is needed to render them.

Texture compression is an option that is used quite often to trim some weight from the file size, but it is far from being an optimal alternative. An image will have to be decompressed and compressed in real time, a process that can lead to visual glitches.

Thousands of sound files

Focus on a few seconds of gameplay from COD: Modern Warfare, and you will hear an impressive amount of sounds: character banter, music, weather effects, footsteps, and gunshots, to name a few.

Such an immersive sound experience is the result of an impressive amount of audio files from which specific sounds are selected, mixed, and played at any given moment. The presence of the sound files contributes to the atmosphere of the game, but they also take an impressive amount of storage space, even more, if compression is avoided to ensure a high-quality audio output

Couple these factors with the impressive size of COD: Modern Warfare and the file size is justified.

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