The Burial Site For An Ancient Female Hunter Was Found In Peru

A team of archeologists has uncovered the burial site of a female hunter, which can be traed back to 9,000 years ago. The discovery is quite significant as it infers that females played the same role as men in big-game hunting.

Such findings reinforce theories that argued that the gender roles which are encountered in modern society might not be traced so far as some may have thought. Initial investigations tied to the archeological site started back in 2013.

Many artifacts

At that point in time, the team was exploring a different site. Their attention was attracted by a local from a nearby community, who mentioned that a large number of stone tools could be found in an area. Initial research confirmed the information, and the researchers decided to request funding for excavations.

Once the excavations began, the researchers discovered six human burial sites, with two of them featuring hunting tools. A large number of artifacts were observed in the sixth grade, including a hunting toolkit filled with projectiles, which suggested that the hunter was a treasured member of the community.


Some of the scientists who contributed to the research surprised the others when they said that the hunter might have been a huntress. One of the early signs was represented by the fact that the bones which were found were smaller in comparison to the other skeletons found in the region.

It is important to underline that the division between gender roles found in the West isn’t present across a large number of cultures, both modern and ancient. Burial sites of other hunter-gatherer females could be found across the world. While females hunted along with men, children could have been asked to guide the animals towards a location where they would have been easier to kill.

A study was published in a reputable journal.

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