The Artemis Program, One Step Ahead to Become a Reality

On the 15th of May, NASA has publicly released the Artemis Accords, a set of rules and regulations that aim to create a set of leading principles, which would be the base of responsible research. The goal of this project is a permanent researching crewed team on the Moon. Therefore, at the moment, the infinite solar system is getting more crowded, given an international interest in exploring the inexplicable.

The Artemis Accords is a combination of the Outer Space Treaty that was implemented back in 1967 and additional international space laws, whose primary objective is to create a strict border between the international contributors to the research. Additionally, the Artemis missions provide a peaceful environment, making every contributing nation responsible for their activities, contamination, or damage to the lunar surface. Moreover, the presence of weapons in the outer space is forbidden.

The Artemis mission was first announced more than one year ago, and its goal is to send to the Moon the first woman and the next man, all of these by the end of 2024. In addition to this, the mission will be the first initiative to introduce a constant presence of humans on the lunar surface, including a sustainable and cooperative research environment.

The guiding principle states that the international agencies must share all the scientific collected data. NASA’s officials have declared that their main approach is to encourage international cooperation between all the countries participating in the Artemis program. Additionally, making the scientific conclusion public is quintessential for the productivity of the mission.

The participants will be requested to share their position, as well as the nature of the research conducted throughout “Safety Zones,” which must be fully respected. Therefore, the Artemis Mission would be the result of international cooperation towards sustainable space exploration and improvement.

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