The Aniversary Event For Overwatch Brings Impressive Skins

Overwatch is among the celebrated games as the popular title turns for, and Blizzard has prepared some content to mark the content. The  Anniversary event is active again, and fans have the chance to participate in old seasonal grabs and earn a rich selection of new cosmetics items.

Beautiful Skins

Reaper receives one of the best-looking skins, which is heavily inspired by medieval masquerades. The skin was inspired by one of the Overwatch comics published in the past, during which several Talon members went to a masquerade ball.

There are also lots of funny or cute costumes, including Little Red Ashe and Wolf Bob, Submarine Hammond, and Dragon Mercy. Players will also have the opportunity to gain access to some of the anniversary skins that were released in the past, among which we can count Academy D.Va, Beekeeper Mei, or Cyberninja Hanzo.

Weekly challenges and fun brawls

A set of weekly challenges will also offer the opportunity to earn new skins for Sigma, Widowmaker, and McCree. To unlock them, you will have to win nine-match each week, a goal which is quite accessible, and there are some rewards for winning 3 and 6 matches too.

Players who engage in brawls will have lots of fun, and as Halloween Terror and Winter Wonderland Brawls will be available for a limited time. Those who prefer a PvE adventure will love the Overwatch Archives, which will offer access to special story and challenge missions via the Arcade Mode.

There is also a promotion for Loot Boxes. Buy 50 Loot Boxes, and you will receive a Legendary Anniversary Bix, wich contains a guaranteed legendary item. A free Legendary Anniversary Loot Box will be offered if you play the game before the Anniversary event ends.

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