Tales Of Crestoria 1.0.5 Update Fixes Several Bugs

RPG is one of the most popular video game genres in the world as it offers the opportunity to become the hero of a story and save the world from great perils while also experiencing thrilling adventures.

The Tales franchise is renowned across the world for its excellent RPG elements, and Tales of Crestoria comes with an exciting adventure on mobile devices. Accept the challenge and explore an original universe with a great storyline and lots of characters as you travel through the world of Crestoria.

Great gameplay

Experience a deep story with moral decisions as you follow Kanata and Misella, who are accused of being Transgressors after they committed crimes to keep each other safe. Will you manage to guide them towards safety in a world that wants to hunt them?

Intuitive RPG controls and a turn-based combat system will ensure that the game delivers a great experience for everyone, ranging from veteran turn-based RPG fans to newcomers who are looking for a great story. Improve the skills of the characters to perform better in battle and execute powerful Mystic Arts combos to pave your way to victory.

A Tales Saga

Follow the main story and perform great in battles to unlock additional character episodes that offer more information about them. Keep an eye on Face Chat conversations between the characters to learn new and fun details about their personalities.

With the help of a robust character roster, it is easy to assemble a dream team as many Tales characters from past games are available, including Cress, Luke, and Velvet. Side missions with previous Tales characters can be found in Crestoria, offering additional rewards.

Enjoy world-class visual design and impressive 3D effects that bring the game world to life on your mobile device.

The 1.0.5 update includes new bug fixes that enhance the gameplay experience.

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