Protoplanetary Disk Captured On Image By Astronomers

Using infrared interferometry and some additional mathematical reconstruction technique, astronomer Jacques Kluska, from KU Leuven in Belgium, led an international team to obtain 15 amazing pictures of a presumably planetary…

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The Activity Of A Rare Magnetar Was Examined

A rare star’s activity has recently surprised scientists. Star Swift J1818.0-1607 is one of the most mysterious and most awkward stars in the Universe ever detected. Scientists defined it as…

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milky way galaxy

Milky Way Galaxy Can Eject Stars From Its Core Beyond Its Boundaries

Recent computer simulations thrilled scientists. Now, they believe that the Milky Way galaxy is capable of slingshotting stars from its core straight beyond its edges. And it achieves such a…

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supermassive black hole

Star Orbiting The Supermassive Black Hole Of Our Galaxy Proves Einstein’s General Relativity

S2 is a star orbiting the Sagittarius A* supermassive black hole with an orbital period of 16.0518 years. Sagittarius A* is an astronomical radio source, very dense and very bright,…

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New Type Of Supernova Has Been Identified

About 4.6 billion light-years from Earth, in a small galaxy, a star transformed into a type of supernova that until now, it was only theorized and never actually observed. Having…

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