Researchers Spot Water On The Moon

The surface of the Moon has interested researchers for a long while, despite the fact that some data inferred that it’s a frozen wasteland, hit from time to time by…

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Nuclear Power Plants Could Power Future Colonies

The Moon and Mars seem to be the best candidates for future human colonies, with some entities hoping to begin colonization operations in less than a decade. It seems that…

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moon mining

Trump Administration Sets Rules for Asteroid and Moon Mining

The administration of US President Donald Trump has announced that a plan to mine for resources on the Moon is in the works. The administration has issued an Executive Order,…

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The Moon Disappeared From The Sky, And The Scientists Found Out Why

A strange phenomenon took place in 1110, almost millennia ago, when the moon disappeared from the sky. A massive cloud rich in sulfur particles climbed to the stratosphere, making the…

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Laser Light Will Help NASA Shed More Light On The Moon’s Darkest Craters

The principal purpose of the Artemis program is to discover the surface of our natural satellite. While seeking resourceful samples of the Moon, the astronauts might need to use the…

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