Researchers Identify Massive Exoplanets Orbiting A Star Similar To The Sun

A team of astronomers has made an impressive discovery with the help of the Very Large Telescope, which can be found in Chile. A Sun-like star has been spotted, and…

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alien life

Alien Life Might Exist On Rocky Exoplanets Around White Dwarf Stars

Why is it that astronomers are so obsessed to find whether there was alien life on another planet or if there is a rocky exoplanet that would ever be able…

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Exoplanet Hunter CHEOPS Scours the Universe for New Worlds

The ESA exoplanet hunter CHEOPS is getting ready to enroll in one of the most daring missions so far. After floating in space for many months, the satellite will prove…

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NASA’s WFIRST Will Employ Gravitational Microlensing To Search For Exoplanets

The Wide-Field Infrared Survey Telescope (WFIRST) had a tumultuous history so far. Mostly due to funding issues and then the competition with other space crafts that were considered a higher…

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Exoplanets Possess Water, But It’s Not Enough For Alien Life

Water is essential for us and our planet. So we need to look at molecules in the cosmos, especially on exoplanets. Well, there is new research, which shows that water…

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