India Covid-19

India Now The Epicenter of the Pandemic, Records Highest Number of Daily Infections in the World

As the supply of vaccines and antiviral drugs is speeding up across the world, India is quickly descending into the epicenter of the Covid pandemic. Recently, it reported the highest-ever…

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The pandemic changed classrooms

The Pandemic Sheds Light On Academic Disparities

March 2020 changed the landscape of the US education system forever. The coronavirus was declared a national pandemic, causing administrators to make quick decisions to safeguard students’ and educators’ health…

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New Year's Eve

Using Georgetown Funding to Get You Through the New Year

The American people have had no choice but to financially hang on through nearly the entirety of 2020 with little help from the federal government. Since many people are struggling…

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Mouthwash Can Reduce The Risk Of Spreading COVID-19

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, a number of social-distancing rules and tips have been shared with the aim of reducing the spread of the virus. A series of…

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Patients that Healed from COVID-19 Usually Have Lingering Damage to their Heart

Countless patients who heal from the coronavirus may have damage at their heart for weeks or even months after they feel they have recovered, as per two new examinations in…

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