Ancient Black Holes Merge To Create A Massive One

Black holes have puzzled researchers for a long time, and it seems that new questions surface as we learn more about them. A team of astronomers has spotted an ancient…

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How Black Holes are Unfolding The History of The Universe Itself

While it’s highly unrecommended to go right through a black hole with a spaceship to see for sure what happens there, science still has plenty of compelling tools to examine…

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Scientists Observe Collision Between Two Black Holes

Collisions between black holes are so intense that they can alter the fabric of space-time, releasing powerful gravitational waves that can traverse the cosmos. Some of these waves will reach…

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black holes

Two Black Holes Has Proven the Accuracy of Einstein’s Theories

A recent analysis of a couple of black holes has allowed scientists to test the fundamental principles of Einstein’s theories. One of the black holes is 18 billion times bigger…

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mid-sized black hole

Mid-Sized Black Holes Can Shed More Light On The Formation Of Supermassive Black Holes

The scientists have announced that intermediate-mass black holes (also known as mid-sized black holes) are a rarity, and it is usually really hard to find them in the Universe. Recently,…

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